The Steve Dahl Show – February 22, 2013

And the Oscar goes to…Steve Dahl! For his stirring and emotional portrayals of both Tom Skilling and Drew Peterson during today’s DahlCast. With a comedic flourish, Steve shows his acting chops at the top of the show, as we welcome the beloved Tommy Skillethead into the studio.

His next role, as a middle-aged obnoxious, convicted killer from Bollingbrook, IL, Drew Peterson, is really Dahl’s tour-de-force. His brilliant handle on the dialect that echoes through the archives of CNN and Nancy Grace’s hateful thoughts has critics all over the world singing his praises.

Then, Dahl is joined by his close friend and movie-buff, Buzz Kilman, who thankfully didn’t suffer any after seeing the film “Side Effects”. Dripping with sarcasm, Mr. Kilman gives the audience his interpretation of a man who has had it with the awards season and the ego-driven banter is brings.

A close runner up to Dahl’s tremendous performances today, is an Adult Film star who must have had some serious research to do for his upcoming role in “On the Firepole”, as he was caught doing less than honorable things in a Firehouse.

Today’s DahlCast is an extravaganza of drama, intrigue, and suspense, all driven by Dahl’s comedic sensibility and amazing sense of timing. This is truly the four-star experience that paying subscribers have come to know from this legendary actor and is a must-listen!