The Steve Dahl Show – March 1, 2012

As Steve tries to dial in and start the show Pete and Brendan are deep into a conversation about just how talented Alan Thicke is. Steve prefers to remember his failed talk show Thicke of the Night. Is Steve’s Diet Coke consumption causing urinary urgency on airplanes?

Cindy Gatziolis, spokesperson for the Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events used to defend Larry Lujack when Steve ripped on him. Now he’s like Larry in a few ways. It’s Chicago’s 175th birthday and admission and cake are free for the party so Pete can attend. Steve is doing a show at the Park West on June 2nd but he’s not sure what it’ll be about. It might include a Teenage Radiation reunion. Another day, another Floridiot; this time it’s a wheelchair bound, knife-wielding convenience store robber who gets stuck in the sand.