The Steve Dahl Show – March 28, 2012

Steve is genuinely bummed that Luck has been cancelled. Is Brendan going to cross something off of Pete’s bucket list? #KUBoobs goes viral but it’d be nice if Ashley Judd came back with something from Kentucky, and without dudes. Steve learns the hard way that there is nothing less appetizing than a guy with a neck tattoo making your food at Subway. Doomsday Preppers make their lives miserable preparing for the end times and it makes for entertaining TV to Steve. You really don’t want your JetBlue pilot to be up on current events; just how the plane works, the weather and where Las Vegas is. Pete has a dream dinner party in mind and he needs Tami Sagher’s help with getting Jason Segel there. If a Floridiot tells you you look pregnant, just agree with her unless you want a cinder block thrown at you.