The Steve Dahl Show – March 29, 2012

Every once in a while Steve runs into someone who thinks he’s sending them secret messages via the show. That’s how he met Pete and Jim! It’s impossible for Steve to have a girlfriend in Florida because the condo building is crawling with Joliats. Brendan did wear a hoodie today, even though he works with a Zimmerman. Carson Daly manages to offend both 9-11 victims and gays in one unfunny joke.

Steve was interviewed by Kevin Matthews last night. It was an actual, serious interview, which was weird. Frank Sennett is coming to Fort Lauderdale to hang with Steve. The Dahl Family doesn’t read comments after blogs or articles they’ve written. Of course Steve didn’t take his own advice on Facebook. Janet calls to talk about her recent ChicagoNow blog post and subsequent Feder article. Floridiots are now taking their meth-making act on the road.