The Steve Dahl Show – March 30, 2012

Whatever weight Pete’s cat is losing, Steve is finding in Florida. Lemur is either on a diet or there are no more mice for him to catch. Steve previews some of the songs he’s rerecorded for his new album. Red pants are making a comeback but Cutler was way ahead on that trend. Of course part of the reason is because he’s from Santa Claus, Indiana.

Brendan is accosted by a hard-selling homeless cantaloupe merchant during a crucial moment in his Chipotle burrito-building process. An instant classic video featuring the inventor of the Kettle Pizza pizza oven. For the first time ever Buzz is feeling like he should be a responsible parent, although it’s a position he really has to reach for. In honor of National Cleavage Day, a Floridiot teacher who measures a student’s cleavage.