The Steve Dahl Show – April 11, 2012

Fighting, sports and creepy news…today’s DahlCast has it all. White Sox play-by-play announcer Ed Farmer joins Steve today to discuss the Ozzie Guillen mess in Miami. Ed is also going to help Steve plan a “Castro Demolition” event at the new Marlins park. The helmet and jacket are dusted off and ready to go…

Speaking of the White Sox, their new skipper had an infamous fight with Nolan Ryan in ’93 and he has appeared to get his temper under check as he leads the charge for the boys from the South Side. Hearing the down and dirty details of this fight on the DahlCast will offer you a brand new perspective on the Sox coach.

How I Met Your Mother writer and producer Tami Sagher also joins us and helps Steve work through some of the more creepy and disgusting stories we’ve heard in a while. Including learning that Pete is officially stalking her and may be collecting her extracted teeth. We really aren’t kidding when we say we offer you uncensored entertainment. Weird, dirty and groundbreaking…nothing is ever off-limits on our show. Happy Hump Day!