The Steve Dahl Show – April 13, 2012

Happy Home Opener to the White Sox! We kicked off an action-packed Friday DahlCast with Brendan live from The Cell. He made some friends in the parking lot, but don’t ask any of us which parking lot it was we don’t have a clue. The tailgate talk sparked some lively conversation about the origin of the word Koozie and we learned that our own Stephanie has one that says “1 Love Boobies”. We love boobies, too, but who doesn’t really?

Buzz Killman called and we learned that he is fighting hard to avoid the “Twitterverse” even though it would help him fill the audience at his Monday shows at the Underground Wonderbar. Buzz also gives us his take on some recent Human Centipede 3 controversy and helps us understand the meaning of the word “Broasted”.

Where else but the DahlCast can you learn so much in just one show? Not radio, that’s for sure. Radio can only offer you ads and “Traffic on the 5s”. The DahlCast can offer you so much more each and every day. Your time is way more valuable than to be filled by information you can get from any smartphone or GPS. Let us show you how we value that time, won’t you? Have a great weekend, everyone!