The Steve Dahl Show – April 16, 2012

Set sail today with a DahlCast full of sports, weather, news and information you just can’t hear anywhere else. Tom Thayer fills us in on the first day of the NFL work season. Halas hall is buzzing with the players that will actually pull their weight this year. And with the draft right around the corner, he has some good opinions on what the Bears need to do to start their year off right.

The Phoenix Coyotes’ Shaw was crusin’ for a bruisin’ with after his over-the-top theatrics in Game 2 against our Hawks. Steve thought it was very appropriate that he had just watched the new Seann William Scott movie, Goon, about a true fighter in Minor League Hockey.

Phil Rosenthal, from the Chicago Tribune, joined Steve to talk about the awesome twitter feed from @RealTimeTitanic over the weekend, the status of Chicago’s newspapers and the infamous “Other Phil Rosenthal”. Cruisewear is optional for today’s show, but don’t forget to meet us on the Lido Deck for the very important safety drills