The Steve Dahl Show – April 17, 2012

It’s Tax Day and we are discussing how your hard-earned money was spent by some of the fine, upstanding men of the secret service. Are they complete amateurs? Did they really get caught “pleying” because of one guy and $47? Even Hillary Clinton seems to have better party and guy code skills than these idiots.

Between the GSA, the Secret Service and heads of state like Burlesconi, your dollars (pesos, etc.) just aren’t safe in the hands of any government today. Hope you got your tax refund early this year.

Roe Conn is our guest today and he and Steve discuss the status of public radio in Chicago and Steve’s upcoming interview at WBEZ. Roe is a little hurt that Steve is cheating on him, but hopes that Steve can survive without the constant interruption of Traffic on the 5s. On the DahlCast today you get a full 2 hours of entertainment, not the 15 minutes per hour that radio offers. Spend your refund from the government on the Steve Dahl Network and watch your money actually work for you!