The Steve Dahl Show – April 18, 2012

Today’s DahlCast is rated R for violence, strong language, graphic music and bestiality, but it’s all in the name of pure, uncensored comedy. We kicked off the show by talking about the “Hit Heard Round the World” on Hossa in last night’s Hawks game.  Matt Dahl and Steve were already calling for Torres’ suspension before the big announcement of his indefinite suspension today.

Dag Juhlin is in the DahlCast studio to play some live music with the Stever.  Dag and Steve give us a taste of the music and comedy you will hear at the Park West and play Aloha Friday and Tropical Drink Song live!

Tami Sagher (“How I Met Your Mother” writer/producer) joins us to revisit the Floridiots and Dag plays the theme song live!  This Floridiot is particularly disturbing and something that only the DahlCast can cover in its entirety.  We really are serious about the uncensored content, and we do it in the most hilarious way possible!