The Steve Dahl Show – April 18, 2013

The Chicago area is under water, but thankfully the DahlCast headquarters are nice and dry. Dag barely made it here but thanks to an expertly crafted ark and the help of some fine religious radio, his commute floated right along.

Steve is no stranger to being stuck in a car in water, and shared with us a tale of viaduct madness from a previous storm. His car on that fateful day was the opposite of how he likes his beef – wet and destroyed.

Heather Locklear must have been reading “Semenology” because she has a very unusual way of keeping her over-50 skin hydrated and youthful. If you were wondering what her beauty regimen is, we can assure you it includes facials, just not the kind with the mud or clay.

Steve has been saturated with nights of bad theater over the years, but is happy to be joined on today’s show by the lead from his favorite show, Book of Mormon. Ben Platt, who plays Elder Cunningham, is one of the funniest guys Steve has ever seen on stage. Steve gushes all over Ben, his new friend, who also grew up with the surf of Southern California to keep him afloat.

We close this especially soggy show, with an email from a University of Maryland sorority girl who has obviously not been wet in a long time, if you know what we mean. Though this email, Steve and Dag learn some new words and also that being dry at a wet party in college can really get you into some hot water.

Take cover, for today’s DahlCast is going to dump some real humor on you and will accumulate a lot of laughs!