The Steve Dahl Show – April 19, 2012

A certain Colombian escort might have been the one to tell the New York Times “This is something really big”, but this totally applies to our Thursday DahlCast, as well.  Jim Fabbrini joined us to discuss the huge Flower Bomb we sent yesterday to Phoenix Coyote player, Raffi Torres.  We hope he received Steve’s message loud and clear. To continue with the theme of Hockey-fever this week, we also had Eric “Stonsie” Stoneman on to talk about the large amount of fights in the playoffs and all of the new Goal Light products, available HERE. The monumental news of Dick Clark’s death is the topic of the day with the Editor of Time Out Chicago, Frank Sennett.  Frank and Steve recount their special Dick Clark stories and also the evil-genius mind that he possessed.  Big news, all uncensored and commercial-free, only on the DahlCast!