The Steve Dahl Show – April 19, 2013

With everything that has unfolded this week, we here at the DahlCast urge you to stay grounded and keep a cool head, but most importantly, LAUGH! After all, they say laughter is the best medicine, and today’s DahlCast will be just what the doctor ordered to help you escape from floods, manhunts, explosions and more.

Janet Dahl joins us today and fills in with a great newscast. Always the voice of calm and reason, Janet helps us understand what happened over night in Boston (Steve had long since fallen asleep) and then answers some hard-hitting questions from our subscribers.

Buzz Kilman is on the line next to give us his run down on the new Evil Dead movie (don’t go!) and also his take on Flight. While Steve loved Flight, Buzz really wishes the movie hadn’t taken off in the directions it did.

On today’s show, we are still offering our usual brand of high-flying fun, but just in a more subdued way. Come hang out with us. We’ll all get through this together.