The Steve Dahl Show – April 2, 2012

It’s DahlCast #650 and Steve is blown away by the number of shows we’ve done, even though it’s only one more show than the last time he was blown away. Steve doesn’t look at his Twitter feed in the morning because there’s usually something that pisses him off, like a guy saying rice in a burrito is OK. Steve prepares Tom Thayer for the Hawaii arrival of Roger Dahl. Lock up the ladies!

Roger calls in to talk about his upcoming trip. He’s not planning on surprise attacking anyone, except maybe the ladies he’s traveling with. No, China’s urine-soaked virgin boy eggs are not an April Fool’s joke. Based on spending Saturday afternoon at The U for his niece’s soccer game Steve can see why all those football players do bad things. A Floridiot who was his high school’s all-time assists leader stole a taco and didn’t pass it off to someone else!