The Steve Dahl Show – April 20, 2012

Pardon the pun, but today’s show is “HIGH-larious”.  It is 4/20, after all, and Steve tries to avoid the annual rundown of why 4/20 is important to people who love herbal refreshment, but had to share a story about the Oregon Football Team.

Speaking of drug culture, the Colombian escort who was stiffed by the Secret Service (literally and figuratively) looks just like Sofia Vergara, just as Steve predicted earlier in the week.  Also, the man who was pulled out of Lake Michigan this week (for the 2nd time in one year), may have capsized his boat due to one too many cocktails before setting sail…again.

Kevin Matthews and Jim Shorts join Steve today, and take advantage of being able to be on each other’s shows, at the same time, thanks to the wonder of podcasts.  Jim Shorts reads a list of Sledge Hammer’s porn credits and Steve is brought to tears from the beauty of it.

Steve wraps up this “Blue Friday” by talking to Buzz Killman and giving our subscribers an update on the Big Sausage Pizza Porn teacher, who was fired finally.  Pizza Night in America, as you can only experience on the DahlCast.  Have a great weekend!