The Steve Dahl Show – April 25, 2012

Poetic Justice is in the air on this Hump Day DahlCast.  Steve almost got himself in some legal hotwater last night leaving WLS, but seems to have avoided the fuzz.  He did get to show his new “fuzz” or “muff” to Drew Hayes, who gave us an hysterical mobile interview, while Steve was filling in for Roeper. Joel Brodsky joins us to talk the REAL Drew Peterson details.

You may have heard him other places yesterday and today, but you didn’t hear him like this.  We talk about the Lifetime Movie, who Drew is dating in prison, how is grooming is going (a goatee, Drew?) and all of the details on the trial prep.  Drew’s trial is moving forward, will be televised, and we will work to get Brendan a press pass for exclusive Dahl-style coverage.

Tami Sagher and Steve talk about a lawyer in Georgia who has some “poetic justice” of his own coming at him.  And his hot wife is also going to get thrown in the slammer…maybe we should set her and Drew Peterson up?  We’ll give our new buddy Joel a call and work out the details.  Updates to come…