The Steve Dahl Show – April 26, 2012

On a blustery day, it’s time to wrap yourself in a quilt of laughter (or a Snuggie, your call) and enjoy DahlCast number 668, as Steve dissects everything in his path. Right out of the box, Steve examines all the elements of the new show open, including a threat that Larry Lujack never made good on, Steve’s never-to-be-written autobiography and more.

Then Steve and Jeff Joniak dissect the Bears upcoming draft, the life of an NFL scout and human-shaped food sculptures. As if that weren’t enough, Steve and Brendan compare their respective generations’ methods of over the counter self-intoxication.

Chuck Sudo takes time from curing his own bacon (not a euphemism) to discuss the effects of jasmine on the power of men’s bats (also not a euphemism) and celebrities who can’t contain themselves (a euphemism). Every way you look at it, today’s DahlCast is wall to wall funny.