The Steve Dahl Show – April 3, 2012

Dino Stamatopoulos (Starburns from NBC’s Community) shares a high quality version of the infamous voicemail from Chevy Chase to Community creator Dan Harmon. It’s a Steve Dahl Show exclusive.┬áSteve is finally ready to come back from Florida, which is always a good sign. Steve plays some voicemails, because those are always good for a few laughs. Pete’s buddy, listener Teags, wants to be an intern but it’s not as glorious as he thinks it might be. At least he’ll know which meds Steve is on. The cost of a Floridiot prostitute is only two McDouble’s at McDonald’s! Steve just doesn’t care about Sarah Palin on Today even though he knows he should be. The Fray probably meant well with their rendition of the National Anthem but something went wrong at some point. You know you’re old when You Can’t Always Get What You Want is playing over the Muzak system at the mall.