The Steve Dahl Show – April 30, 2012

It’s an especially wet DahlCast today.  We start by recounting Steve’s trip up to Grand Rapids to visit Kevin Matthews, who appears to be planning a festival for every week this summer.  He’s going to start with a Wet Burrito Festival, where Steve will run the Wet T-shirt contest that seems to fit right in the theme.  Steve also learned that Grand Rapids has rapids…who knew?

The studio is wet with Brendan’s tears after the horribly tragic injury to Derek Rose.  Have the Bulls hopes been dampened by this injury or will they be able to continue paddle upstream in the NBA playoffs?

The 1-888-GOB-HOMO voicemail has been flooded with crazy calls and there is talk of starting the “Fred and Gary” show to bring our two favorite callers together.  We’re really not sure how to get rid of these guys otherwise.

Tom Thayer and Jeff Joniak are bridged together by our Magic Box for a great recap of the draft and a little bit of a therapy session to help them work through their issues.  Jeff is training for a marathon and decided to run in a rainstorm for 18 miles yesterday to continue his training.  Hopefully he doesn’t use the El tracks to relieve himself on the next run.