The Steve Dahl Show – April 5, 2012

Welcome home, Stever! Today is a day of new beginnings, with Steve home from Florida and the baseball season opening officially on the Northside. The DahlCast’s own field reporter, Brendan Greeley, was at Cubby Bear catching all of the action and scoring some free schwag from the not-so-hot 312 Girls, courtesy of Goose Island. The beginning of the Cubbie season is also marked by a rap song by Serengeti, that defends the infamous Bartman situation…Steve’s take on the song is hilarious.

Frank Sennett, Editor of Time Out Chicago, joins us today to discuss his upcoming book on Groupon and his possible role in the “Groupon” movie. Lionel Richie’s new country album sold like crazy probably because country is the new pop.
Enjoy a little something new today with the DahlCast…PLAY BALL!