The Steve Dahl Show – April 9, 2012

It’s Monday on the DahlCast and Tom Thayer calls in with a story that should really embarrass Mark Sanchez – another DahlCast exclusive. Tom is also anxiously awaiting the arrival of Roger Dahl to the islands, and has already started to prep the ladies for a Dahl to arrive. Lock up those Hula girls!

The big story today is Matt Dahl’s bachelor party weekend in Nashvegas. The boys and Steve had a crazy weekend full of music, beer and really bad strip clubs…no nudity and a 3-foot rule? Not exactly the kind of setup a Steve Dahl and company expect when celebrating a “fallen soldier”. Listen to the show and find out why a gal named Barbie is likened to Spider-Man and who got kicked out of the strip club. Pictures from the weekend are streaming in and maybe, just maybe, you will get to see our own Brendan Greeley, or “Grease”, shirtless and having a “Grand Ole Time” in Nashville.

Only on our podcasts, can you get the full story of a guy’s trip to Nashville, without any of the dirty parts edited out. Wish we could say the same for the strippers in that town. Happy Monday!