The Steve Dahl Show – May 1, 2012

We are ready to Couple-Up and get Crafty on today’s DahlCast. Our artistic binge starts with inspiration brought to us by some PVC piping that could become Brendan’s new 6-foot “water pipe”. Then Steve fills us in on the song that allowed him to finally partner-up with a gal named Janet.

Pat Boyle called in to talk about the Bulls, Pippen’s moving letter to the team and Brendan’s journey to the United Center tonight. Brendan and Pat might meet up to watch the game together, or at the very least Brendan will craft a pretty glitter-filled sign to capture PB’s attention.

One half of the Sklar Brothers called in (or both, it was kind of hard to tell) to talk about their awesome new show on the History Channel, “The United Stats of America”. Their show is great and maybe we will be able to convince them to partner up with Steve and join the podcast network.

Our resident musician debuts his new “Frightenin’ Illini” theme and also teases a soon-to-be-released “Ask Janet” theme song. It’s a pair of new songs, crafted by our new DahlCast member, Dag Juhlin…or is it Doug?