The Steve Dahl Show – May 10, 2012

Things you will learn from today’s DahlCast:

1. Brendan has been asked to be the bridesmaid in Steve and Dag’s wedding
2. Steve discovered a new storyline for adult films
3. There are a only a few good ways to tell if someone is a real pirate
4. Protestors in Urlacher buttons lose credibility quickly
5. Floridiots out of Florida are still, well, Floridiots
6. John Travolta must really despise the number 13, and loud-mouth masseuses
7. People holding smart phones and blushing are listening to this show
8. Frank Sennett and Steve are starting a YouTube club (reading is for losers)
9. Steve loves books written from a dog’s perspective
10. Janet Dahl has a randy group of gals in her book club
11. Manscaping is not as common as one may think in Hollywood
12. 11-22-63 is a long, long book
13. Steve Dahl will always earn your discontent and resentment the old-fashioned way…just as he always has.