Descent Into The Dahl Archives – May 12, 2012

Steve and Garry recap Mother’s Day in this full show originally aired 5/12/86

1. Garry asks how Steve’s Mothers day went over the weekend. Steve first says it was fine – then admits to the fact he was accused of not putting on a good Mothers Day, and says he should have tried a little harder.

2. There was a fistfight at the airport with Lyndon LaRouche supporters and Phil Donahue. Steve is trying to read the story and none of the important facts are highlighted.

3. They play the Bob Dylan/Tom Petty press conference “we just felt like it” drop. Steve says Dylan is an idiot. He used to be so cool and now is stupid and lame. Steve wants to know if it will happen to them as they get older. They go to the phones. They try to to a segment with the Paul’s. A caller doesn’t get the concept.

4. Steve is discouraged about something. Studs Turkel contacted them. He is writing a new book about their audience and youth in America. He is also talking to Fred Winston and Terri Hemmert.

5. Joe Walsh has a place at the top of an apartment building. When they went to his place in LA they weren’t sure which one was his. One had an eerie red & blue neon glow to it. They thought it might be his – and it was. The red and blue neon glow was Joe! They call Joe.

6. After the Seger song Garry says he likes that song. He usually makes fun of any Seger saying it all sounds the same. Steve says the song is an attempt by Bob to get included on the next Miami Vice soundtrack
7. They call out to Steve’s parents to wish Carol Dahl Happy Mother’s day. They talk to Rick. Carol is sleeping.  Steve’s parents get up about 6AM so his Dad can make cheaper business calls to the east coast. Roger Dahl used to go into Steve’s room when Steve lived there, and sit at his desk using the phone in Steve’s room and using his water cooler to make coffee.

8. Their dad gave Rick a high paying job at his company, couldn’t handle it and gave up. Their dad is always Rick’s safety net if he falls too far. Roger Dahl should just boot Rick out. That is what he needs.

9. To the phones: Caller 3 says she quit smoking and Steve says she quit in the nick of time because she sounds like a man. Steve thinks she sounds like one of the women that call Eddie Schwartz at 5 in the morning.

10. They come out of the Yardbird’s “For Your Love”, Johnny was talking to Steve about sister in law fantasies with his wife and her sister. Steve says there is some magnified attraction to the sister in law when you get married. The reality of it is actually awkward.

11. Bruce Wolf on to do sports. More on the White Sox, Ken Harrelson, and Tony LaRussa being fired. Brent Mussburger doesn’t have enough time for a Playboy interview.

12. They come out of the Phil Collins song “Take Me Home”, and the Pauls’ say Rand McNally has a road-rallying vehicle that is computerized to help the driver with navigation and things. They talk about early GPS systems.

13. They are playing a drop from a Bob Hope record. Pretty lame jokes. Paul Steve and Paul Garry are getting a kick out of it. they can’t wait to see him on the NBC special tonight. Bob gave the men grief, but the ladies were off limits.

14. They come out of an ARMY Reserve spot and Garry asks Steve if has noticed all of the sailors around lately. Steve says of course where have they been? Garry says- seamen all over the highway! Steve runs a hostel for sailors when they come to town and he had seamen all over his apartment.

15. They wrap up the show for the day. Steve forgot to turn Garry’s mic on. Steve does a station ID and Garry says nice wallet. He has a jacket on with Velcro and zippers.