The Steve Dahl Show – May 14, 2012

Things that will be seen, heard and done around the Dahl House this week:

• Updates on the Best Gift Bags outside of the Oscars, which Brendan is dying to get his hands on this weekend
• Roger Dahl gracing the DahlCast studios and the house with his patriarchal presence
• Dag and Brendan seen whooping and hollering as Steve practices his golf, much to the dismay of Tom Thayer
• Steve riding around the suburbs with a sweet bike, fully furnished with a Goal Light for safety (something has to scare away those creepy dudes in the forest preserve parking lots)
• Steve heard teaching every member of Janet’s family how to pronounce “Dag” correctly
• Demi Lovato playing from the house speakers, just to get everyone in a peppy, auto-tune kind of mood
• Dag drumming up an audience for his future gigs at the local carpet store with Expo‘76
• Lots of time spent watching talent shows…there are like a thousand of them on these days
• Steve sending Janet to the Family Dollar store, on the Bobcat from the construction crew next door, to finish getting what she needs for the wedding
• Many other great stories and situations for the DahlCast – subscribe now and don’t miss a moment of “Wedding Week 2012”.