The Steve Dahl Show – May 15, 2012

If you are lucky enough to have an invite to the upcoming Dahl wedding you may just get one of Janet’s sweet gift bags. Although Costco let her down, she is putting together one hell of a giveaway to the out-of-town guests.

Our subscribers today are gifted with another Ask Janet segment. We learn a copious amount about showers (the party kind), gifts for graduates and how she feels about Steve going to Florida. This brings up lots of fun details about everyone’s favorite couple and their 33-year marriage. Steve is offended by Janet’s suggestion that frown-face cookies may be a more appropriate gift for Steve from now on. He’s not grumpy…he’s just shy.

Dr. Sarah Kelly, Steve’s chiropractor, calls in to talk about the upcoming Run for Hope in Downer’s Grove this weekend. Learn more about this charity and how to see the Jesse White Tumblers AND Jesse White this weekend.

Speaking of tumbling, if you are looking to flip a house, our friend David Hochberg (Townstone Financial) called in today with some advice for everyone looking to buy a home. He really is the “Pushy Monster”, and loves his new theme song. (It’s NOT Buster, people) Maybe he can help Janet push the wedding gift bags, so Steve doesn’t get stuck eating 420 smiley face cookies, or tempted to wash them down with 50 airplane bottles of tequila.