The Steve Dahl Show – May 16, 2012

There are lots of mixed signals on the DahlCast today, starting with a bunch of kids from upper-middle class households who decided to spread their anarchy to Bridgeport yesterday. Doesn’t having a guy with post a video blog and talk about social media defeat the purpose of an uprising? Do anarchists have Twitter accounts?

Janet and Steve get their wires crossed today over the now legendary smiley-faced cookies for the wedding. There were 420 cookies in the house…

Roger Dahl, Steve’s dad, joins the boys in the studio for some discussion about his trip to ORD from LAX yesterday. What kind of signals are we sending to the airlines if we all dress in Snuggies and slippers to fly these days?

Tami Sagher (Writer/Producer HIMYM) joins us to discuss some moms at a school dance that appeared to be of a certain sort, judging from the nose ring, but obviously have a problem with dirty dancing. What kind of signal does that send to your kids, ladies? Or what kind of signal does that send to your kids’ friends who will never let them live that down? We uncross these wires and much more on your Wednesday DahlCast!