The Steve Dahl Show – May 2, 2012

What’s in a name?  With names like Dag, Brendan, Dino and Tami, we’re not really sure.  There are all kinds of crazy names floating around the DahlCast these days.  And every single one of them gives us some great laughs!

It’s one month till the Park West and Steve and “Doug” are ready to work on their act. Steve is looking to fare better than Rachel Berry on Glee, but wouldn’t mind a Santana appearance to help boost his performance. Speaking of performance, we’re sure interested in Brian Williams’ daughter’s performance in “Girls”.That show really has Steve’s attention.  Although the attention that DahlCast guests Dino Stamastopoulous and Tami Sagher give to a particular motorcycle story leads to all kinds of crazy Dino tales.

Is there anything Dino hasn’t done? If there is, he’s not naming it.  Thankfully.