The Steve Dahl Show – May 21, 2012

Today’s DahlCast explores a big weekend in Chicago. Of course the biggest event was Matt Dahl’s wedding, and despite Steve’s protests, everything went off without a hitch. Before talking about the nuptials, we talk to Tom Thayer who is going to welcome Matt & Justine to Hawaii and is happy to report that his knee is doing much better.

“Dahl Wedding 2012” was a perfect affair and Steve did a nice “soft 6” during his invocation. As ESPO1 so eloquently put it “He killed”. Roger and Steve protest the fact that girls didn’t dance quite like they did at Matt’s wedding back when they were getting married, but they really wish they had. The nurses were especially happy to be out and partying for the night, although a “naked circus” never really got off the ground.

Speaking of tents and animal smells, we turn next to the NATO protestors. Steve would like it to be known that he came very close to driving downtown this weekend and showing those protestors a thing or two. He would really like to demonstrate what the CPD could do if they were allowed to fight back.

Our NATO field reporter, Brendan, calls in to update us on the happenings from the last of the marches. There were more people at the Dahl wedding than at Boeing today. Steve also did a much better job of protesting and rioting against disco (his chants were way better), although he proclaims that he never intended any ill-will towards the disco folks that seem to be heading up to meet Steve’s new buddy, God. He and the big guy are tight now, despite Steve’s protests against saying that prayer…