The Steve Dahl Show – May 23, 2012

The Hump Day DahlCast includes all kinds of romantic updates, interludes and gestures. And if you listen closely, you just might be able to improve your “game”. There’s a lot of love flowing in our studios lately, and all of the guys get to share in the action.

Steve may have a good hookup for Brendan and worked it for him on his trip to WBEZ yesterday. Steve just adores their studios, but doesn’t understand Alpana Singh’s crush on Steve Edwards. He thought he was the only Steve in her life.

Roger Dahl joins us in studio for a final visit before his trip home to sunny California. The ladies of Sox Park might be the luckiest in love, after Steve and Roger’s visit to the game last night. Roger had love enough for everyone. He also cared enough about Steve to share some very detailed Navy stories on the way to the game. What we learn about him, his skills with the ladies, and his pension for a good donut prove that old adage, “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree”.

Tami Sagher joins us and accidentally gets stuck in a classic rock love-fest, courtesy of Steve and Dag, and a downstate man who renamed himself “Led Zeppelin II”. Remember that Steve and Dag are available for house parties. Your friends and family will just love their company. Steve also revisits past loves on the Internet and Facebook. Maybe he’ll use some of his dad’s lines on his old flames. After all, “the apple…”