The Steve Dahl Show, May 24, 2012

If Tuesday’s show was all about the ladies, today’s show is one big guys’ club. There is a lot of testosterone in the DahlCast studios every day, but today’s show puts it right over the top. Hey, maybe we can ship some of this testosterone over to the Windy City Live studios. Steve was missing the voice from the Bijou Theatre, so he gave them a call today to see what they are up to. It seems as if they are spending their time disparaging Mitt Romney, rather than plugging their awesome movies, made just for the boys. Frank Sennett joins us to man-it-up even more with a recap of an awesome cigar lounge he visited last week. Speaking of cigars, did everyone see that picture of Bill Clinton with the porn stars at the AVN awards? Best new-comer, indeed. And somehow we end up right back where we started with discussion of the late porn paradise, the Mitchell Brothers Theatre in San Francisco, which, according to Steve, was definitely full of men who like the ladies. Hope you have a porkpie hat in your closet. After today’s manly show, you’re really going to want to start sporting that around town.