Descent into the Dahl Archives – May 28, 2012

Happy Memorial Day!  Here is a bonus Descent into the Dahl Archives, since Steve, Dag. Brendan and the crew have taken the day off to help celebrate and honor our men and women in uniform.  Hope this show is the perfect accompaniment to your feast of steaks, corn, butter and beer.

This Memorial Day show from 1986, features Steve and Garry talking all things Memorial Day, Indy 500 and how much Memorial Day means to them.  Their partners in crime were Paul Steve and Paul Garry with their coverage of a rain-soaked 500.  If you listen carefully, you will even hear a classic rant from Steve that could be considered an early version of our “Indiana Loosiers” bit.    Enjoy this show outside.  Play it loudly and show that you support America, the men and women that have lost their lives defending us and Steve.  Don’t worry, your neighbors won’t mind.