The Steve Dahl Show – May 29, 2012

We start today’s show off by exploring the Chicago Sun Times’ new column, Splash, which features “notable” Chicagoans writing on their favorite subjects. Jim Belushi’s column, “Bulls@$t” couldn’t be more appropriately titled. Tom Thayer, our guest today, hit it on the head when he said that this column is going to be the “7th Inning Stretch of the daily newspapers”. The entire column should be called that, since Gary Sinise, a non-veteran, kicked off the series with a pro-veteran article on Memorial Day. Somebody really missed the point. Calling bullshit there.

Our Floridiot today comes from a man who was either hopped up on Bath Salts or just really craving some local cuisine. He was so hungry; he managed to eat the other guy’s face off, but strangely, left his goatee.

Speaking of goats and ridiculous rituals, some wiseguys from Mesa are bringing a goat of another kind to Wrigley Field today to hopefully break the curse. Let’s hope that this breaks the curse of the Cubs always getting top bill in this town, regardless of what the Southside boys are up to.

Steve also calls Mayor Emmanuel’s attempt to show his baseball allegiance, recommend his favorite hot dog stand and name a great Cubs legend total bullshit. See, Belushi? Steve can say bullshit as often as he would like. Can you? Nah, we call bullshit on that, too.