The Steve Dahl – May 3, 2012

The DahlCast is not only entertaining, but is also educational. Today Steve taught us several very important life lessons. Well, Janet really started it by teaching us how to properly stuff wedding welcome bags. Don’t forget that you can Ask Janet any question or for advice and she will get you an answer on an upcoming DahlCast. Email her at

Our next lesson comes from comedian, Paul Gilmartin, who teaches us that nothing good ever came from mixing weed and vicodin… well, nothing intentionally good anyway. We also learn that hockey, like most things, is a whole lot better to watch while sober.

Frank Sennett is helping Steve learn that reading is not for losers, and is about ready to debut his long-awaited book on Groupon. He also points out that when Steven Tyler asks you if you want the special sauce, the answer is always “no”.

Today you will also benefit from learning what the term “shark-jumping” means, why our kids should not tan, what the words are to Steve’s new favorite song, and that “Sometimes you gotta get something in ‘ya for the good of mankind”.