The Steve Dahl Show – May 30, 2012

Steve doesn’t want to give too much away today, so he just teases us with giant bits of awesomeness. He actually enjoyed Jenny McCarthy’s contribution to the newly added “Splash” section in the Sun Times today and let’s just say she’s now dating a certain football player from a team that plays in this city (no spoilers today).

Listeners get to hear Steve’s reaction to what appears to be Dag’s costume for the Park West, which involves a guitar and no shirt. Dag also shares a story of meeting the real Sweet, Sweet Connie of Grand Funk Railroad fame, but let’s just say she wasn’t as much fun as the guys expected.

The mystery of the missing pudding cake has been solved and you will be shocked by whom the late-night bandit turned out to be. Maybe that same bandit just happened to be listening to the new Dino podcast, which cannot be spoiled for anyone…you have to hear it for yourself on Thursday.

Shawn Ryan called in to discuss his recently picked up show “Last Resort” which will air on ABC this fall. We don’t want to give too much away on this either, so you’ll just have to watch the trailer for yourself.

Thank you for listening and we hope that this summary didn’t spoil your DahlCast-listening experience.