The Steve Dahl Show – May 4, 2012

It’s Cuatro de Mayo and DahlCast central is hopping with Mexican spirit. Actually we had a real life Mexican, our friend Frijole Joe, in studio to make sure our celebration was authentic. He brought some delicious churros. Although he barely made it through Steve’s neighborhood without getting swept up by landscapers, who heavily populate this area. This weekend is also the Kentucky Derby and Steve needs to pick a horse from a list of what seems to be Brendan’s friends.

Our fiesta continues with a dissection of the hot Lil’ Marley track. It’s not quite as good as the lyrics that our favorite teenage subscriber, Teags, sent in for us. Steve and Brendan are both “name-checked” in the song. We are planning on helping Teags with some caliente beats for this track and may launch a rap label here at DahlCast Studios.

Buzz Kilman called in and discusses his plans for the holiday weekend. He really didn’t know when Cinco de Mayo was (classic Buzz) but has been set straight. He also highly recommends a Google search for “Babies Sleeping in Weird Positions”.

Finish your Friday with a little “Margarita” but don’t forget to drink responsibly and NEVER SWALLOW THE WORM. Salud!