Descent Into The Archives – May 5, 2012

It’s May 5, 1990 and the AM1000 gang is in Tijuana for Cinco De Mayo. The actually are in San Diego since they couldn’t get phone lines for the broadcast.

The talk to guys that were busted in Tijuana for getting out of a cab with a beer. They had to bribe the cop $45 not to arrest them. Then the cop offered to sell them some pot!

The night before they had gone to a topless bar & went back to the hotel. Steve ordered Pizza & it was really bad. Kevin got pizza sauce all over the carpet. He tried to clean it up with the hotel towels. Steve woke up the next morning forgetting the previous night’s adventures, and thought someone had been murdered after he saw the red carpet stains and dirty towels in the bathroom. Steve meets two girls that really don’t want to be part of the show. They leave & Steve is hurt by it. Steve talks about going to the strip joint the night before. Garry was worried about all of the smoke there & not having a good time.

The guys talk about having beer & eggs for breakfast. Dorothy Humphrey has just done a traffic report. Steve thinks she was out with a guy & hooking up with him. She says no. Then they find a canister of Helium and start doing funny voices. Jimmy thinks he’ll get gooped up on gop if he tries it. We then hear Andre going to the bathroom. Steve is happy to be in San Diego. Steve gives a brief description of Cinco De Mayo. There are some babes Steve wants to talk to. There is a black dude moving in on his turf. The girls’ names are Robin and Kelly. Steve rubs oil on Kelly.

They talk to a sportscaster from KGB in San Diego named Cookie “Chainsawā€¯ Randolph. They get into a San Diego Chicken talk.

Andre sneaks into the bathroom to surprise Jimmy as he pees. Jimmy sounds like a Clydesdale as he goes. Steve is laughing so hard he is almost crying.

Eddie is getting hot. Steve starts to give him grief. Kevin breaks character to talk to 2 large men. Kev seems to be fascinated with large men… Steve thinks Kevin has a problem, and actually might be gay.
After fighting the accusation for a while – he cops to being gay. Steve gives Kevin a hard time for the rest of the bit. Steve is trying to hit up on some more girls. They don’t want too much to do with his even though he tells them that he is rich and famous in Chicago. He is trying to rub oil on them.

Janet calls in to bring the whole thing to a screeching halt. She makes comments about his behavior, but says the show is funny. She however threatens to go out that night, possibly with Sky Daniels who is in town. She won’t have any of it. Jimmy tells the story of his relative that cut himself in half while riding his Ski-Doo snowmobile. Steve tells a Cinco De Mayo story, and takes some calls. There is some more Eddie bashing. Eddie says they don’t talk like that on WGN.