The Steve Dahl Show – May 7, 2012

Dag…you’re our hero! We open the show today describing the technical issues on Friday and how Dag stayed cool, calm and collected and got that show out there for your subscribers. It was quite the day, for sure.

Tom Thayer is back in Hawaii and ready to greet the throngs of honeymooners coming to the islands, including Matt Dahl and his bride in a couple of weeks. He will be giving tours and teaching everyone what a “Good Morning” entails. Dag saves the day with a perfect cell phone ring during a great story with Tom. (man, this guy is always around when you need him)

Speaking of weddings, Dag and band, Expo 76, are ready to play your wedding and can offer you something a little more alternative. Although, the Dahls may need a little traditional “Celebration”(Rah-hoo!) to get through the next 2 weeks, as wedding fever heats up here at the house. Thankfully, our hero Dag has written an awesome theme song for our new “Ask Janet” segment, that has really brightened everyone’s mood. Watch out Steve…Dag is really becoming a favorite around here!