The Steve Dahl Show – May 9, 2012

It’s Game Night (well, Game Day, really) at the DahlCast. We start with a little game of basketball and find out the real meaning of a Tar Heel. We’re still unsure what a Game Cock is, though. Steve also dissects the games that Axl Rose is playing with the minds of the fine people of Cleveland.

Steve has invented a new game “Steve Dahl – Lightning Wrangler”. Let’s hope that as he’s harnessing the power of the skies, he keeps the energy away from his huevos. We’re also a little surprised at Hollywood’s take on “Battleship” and wonder if movies based on board games are dead in the water.

Tami Sagher drops by the show (via California) to help us sort out a game that some Indiana parents thought would be a good idea with their kids. She also gives Steve a good tip on a new smart pedometer that will allow you to turn your workout into a series of fun challenges. That’s just what Steve needs after finding the pastries that Janet is now playing hide and seek with around the house.

Just another great example of Steve Dahl teaching us that life’s a game and you just need to know how to play it!