The Steve Dahl Show – June 11, 2012

Steve’s an athletic, attractive man, whether he’s biking through the woods, suspiciously discarding a bone at a tollway oasis, or shooting the golf game of his life. But there’s more to Steve than raw machismo — he’s also got his dainty bits to consider.

This Monday DahlCast finds Steve recounting his busy weekend in Old Town, where he held court with a territorial chef, and, as a celebrity judge (an icon, to be exact) ate more ribs than he really was comfortable with. Tom Thayer adds his thoughts on everything from the Bears mini-camp to his buddy Hilgie’s mini-campsite.

Of course, Lil’ Marley’s cryptic lyrics are once again examined, as are old game show themes, mobile bladder relief and America’s latest bath salt celebrity, Freddy Sharp. It’s the standard mix of daring and dainty, delivered daily on the DahlCast.