The Steve Dahl Show – June 12, 2012

Time to load the bases and knock it out of the park with another DahlCast. Today marks the beginning of the Kup Media League Softball series, with Steve and the Time Out Chicago team playing WBEZ. We talk to the WBEZ manager, Justin Kauffman, who apparently is quite the competitor. Steve can’t wait to pitch to this guy…after all “I’m Steve Dahl….I pitch”. Steve’s walkup song tonight is going to be the new song that Subwoofer turned us on to, “Call Me Maybe”. It’s just the kind of 14-year old girl song that Steve loves to dance to.

Steve is going to fly to New York and pitch the first-ever DahlCast musical. Well, maybe he’ll just make it as far as the Western Springs community theater. In either case, Steve is a fine baritone and deserves to be the star pitcher in that production.

The Dahl Family “Ace”, Janet, joins us today for another series of “Ask Janet”. She really can load the bases with some good advice for our listeners. She truly is a woman of many talents.

It’s a beautiful summer day. Time to get out there and play ball!