The Steve Dahl Show – June 13, 2012

Today our favorite funny man takes it down a notch and gets a little more personal. Well, not really, but you will learn some pretty unique things about the Stever on today’s show.

Did you know that Steve is quite a softball pitcher? He is and did a great job starting and pitching a complete game for the Time Out Chicago team last night. The team ultimately lost, but played a good game. Steve, or Goldilocks, just needs to find the right bat for his game.

Did you know that Steve must have parking, bathrooms and no traffic in order to journey downtown? As a subscriber, you probably did know that, but hearing him remind us is always a treat. He also drops the bomb that he would like some naked chicks on the golf course at his next tourney. Yes, we know, it shocked us, too.

Tami Sagher calls in and we get just as personal with her. Talk of wife-swapping, Tami’s love life and Steve and Tami’s hatred of sushi give her call a very “real” tone. And the biggest reveal on today’s show? Steve isn’t really an idiot…he just plays one on the podcast. “Radio Steve” was NEVER this revealing!