The Steve Dahl Show – June 15, 2012

Heard on Today’s DahlCast:

1. Fellatio is sodomy
2. Hey, you know where this is going to feel really funny?
3. The DahlCast boys are going to have a masturbation tournament.
4. Excuse me…was that monster or buster?
5. I’m the contrite monster.
6. I’m the tickle monster.
7. I’m the kidney buster.
8. I threw the head into the water and I tried to stab myself with the shaft.
9. The lady from Michigan has the floor and the gentleman from Illinois has a hard on.
10. Turn your “number 2s” into golden glittering masterpieces…
11. Hey, pizza face, come here…
12. If I think it’s good, it’s good…I’m Dino Stamatopoulos.
13. That’s why deaf people are so blissful.
14. Reading is bad, but writing is worse.
15. I think the one with the red hair is Conan.
16. I’m going to Juhlin’s farm.
17. Here’s your damn pickle relish!
18. I’ve never seen the under-carriage button, Mr. Sandusky.
19. Always ride on my small.
20. That’s what Gary Busey used to say.

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