The Steve Dahl Show – June 20, 2012

It’s summer and that means that it’s time to gas up that RV, pile in the family and take a little trip across this fine country of ours, just as we in the DahlCast studios did today. We start our journey in Logan Square, where Steve and Team Time Out Chicago performed exceptionally well against a rulebook-toting WCIU team in the Kup league game last night.

We leave the west side of Chicago to journey south to the Lone Star state. Steve tells a delightful story of father/son bonding as the gang travelled along Route 66 a few years back. This story involves large cuts of meat and crying and sounds like the plot to a movie.

We then move to the fine state of Indiana, where a restaurant called Blue Agave, which we’re still convinced might be run by our own Ed Silha, got into some trouble for having minors in the bar. Although they didn’t have tables, chairs or a kitchen either, so it seems like it might just be an empty room for teens to stand around and drink themselves wobbly.

Our journey to find funny happenings then takes us to New York City, where lovely and talented Tami Sagher is currently residing for the summer months and finding inspiration in profane t-shirts. From there, it’s off to the rolling hills of Ohio, where a man who is in desperate need of a Mani/Pedi incites panic. These women are clearly not as cosmopolitan as Steve or Tami.

We finish our cross-country journey here in the burbs of Chicago, where Steve literally feels most at home. The rest of the country is sure full of some interesting folks.