The Steve Dahl Show – June 22, 2012

It’s Friday on the DahlCast and we encourage you to Ride the Pony as you head into the end of your work week (it will make sense once you listen to the brilliant work of a certain SoCal DJ).

Maybe you can ride your pony as you escape from the cops, since today’s show has a crime-spree theme to it. We discuss an Indiana Loosier who calls the police chief in his town to ask if he needs to buy drugs. We also dive into a discussion of said drugs and remind you that while you should take that pony for a ride, please don’t Ride the Horse.

Buzz Kilman is worried about a crime-wave rocking downtown Chicago. It has scared him enough to hightail it out of town and head to the lush, green land of Jamaica. He will no doubt have some peaceful alone time and hopefully won’t be harassed for just sitting around. We also discuss yet another Floridiot that may be a Zombie, or may have just gotten ahold of some of those bath salts.

Our favorite delinquent, Dino Stamatopoulos, then calls in to discuss the evil-doings during his friends’ game nights, as heard on his weekly podcast. We then learn about a game that they like to play called “Cold-Blooded Murderer”. What happened to just sitting around and watching TV? Also, there is a chance that Dino could be breaking some laws when it comes to marriage…but that’s just a joke, really.

Have a great weekend everyone and stay of jail, stay away from bath salts, steer clear of SUVs full of inquisitive guys and no matter what…RIDE THE PONY!