Descent Into The Archives – June 23, 2012

This descent starts with Bobbie the transexual – Lane Closure told them about a co-worker that is going through the process of changing from a man to a woman. The idea intrigued Steve & Garry and they wanted to get more information. Then they read from Zoso- the Led Zeppelin newsletter. They talk to Garry’s “wife” Joan Esposito. Martha Stewart – Garry’s Dream woman, calls in. They talk about Pee Bags (colostomy bags), then Amish People – Amish Acres Restaurant. They check in with Paul Steve & Paul Garry, who are at the Auto Show. Then, Steve spends the night with Jimmy Webb – might have gone homo‚ĶSomeone called Jimmy Webb’s hotel room and Steve answered. It was 8AM. This is the culmination of Steve & Jimmy’s week together.