The Steve Dahl Show – June 26, 2012

Today’s show comes at you fast and furious from the DahlCast headquarters, just like Steve’s 16” softball pitching. There is so much packed into today’s show, it really could have been two. We start with a stop by Music 101 with Dag and Steve and a discussion of some sweet Warren Zevon songs.

Our pal and ’85 Bear, Keith VanHorne, joins us to discuss not only classic rock, but some classic “reality” TV from ABC’s The Bachelorette. Steve is convinced that it’s all fixed to get a race-car driver to the top of the pile of douches, we mean bachelors. This may be the one arena where driving fast and furious isn’t going to help a Arie Lyenduk Jr. win the checkered flag.

Proving his statement that no guy likes to lose, Steve talks up his pitching appearance for tonight’s Kup league softball game against the guys from the Wall Street Journal. They need to start their own version of The Bachelor, because apparently they can’t find any girls that want to play with them.

We have a great girl that likes to play on our DahlCast team every Tuesday, Janet Joliat Dahl. She stops by the studio to take another round of questions from our listeners. This week we learn that she will proofread to encourage and motivate, that Bonnie’s dog has survived and that she really does appreciate chunks of time away from Steve.

Don’t worry, your chunk of time away from Steve will only last until this time tomorrow when we have another great DahlCast, featuring legend Joe Walsh, coming at ‘ya fast and furious!