The Steve Dahl Show – June 27, 2012

When you have a rock legend stopping by your show, you tend to get a little nervous (if you’re Dag, anyway), but Steve and the boys found a way to muscle through the nerves today and keep things positive and funny, as per usual. We’re positively stoked about seeing our buddy Joe Walsh at Ribfest. He plays at 8pm on Saturday, June 20th. He will also be playing during a fundraiser for Tammy Duckworth on Sunday in Schaumburg. You can buy tickets to Ribfest HERE and buy tickets to the fundraiser HERE. Steve will be joining him at both shows. It’s positively awesome to be friends with such an amazing musician and guy. Enjoy the show today and our chat with Joe. We talk about his recent foray into the world of politics, his trip to Chicago, and also get a tease of what could be one hell of a podcast. As Joe himself predicted at the start of our phone call, we’re positive this is a history-making podcast!