The Steve Dahl Show – June 29, 2012

Today’s DahlCast features men of all kinds doing manly things that mostly amuse us, distract us and give us lots to talk about.

Steve had to pull some serious man-of-the-house duties this morning. It’s finally time for his new fence to be installed. He can be sure that the fence job will be done well, as he called one of the workers handsome in Spanish, by accident…we swear.

We remind all of the men out there that you should always “marry-up” when it comes to finding a lady to settle down with. And those real men should ride Electra bikes. (Steve is waiting for his first check, Electra).

Our favorite fan from New Mexico has come back to our phone line and left some great voicemails over the last couple of weeks. Well, “great” as in mind-spinningly disjointed and impossible to understand. Speaking of engaging phone calls, Dahl Podcast Network’s rising star(burns) Dino Stamatopoulos calls in from an unspecified convention in from Miami, where he is apparently the guest of honor.

Men love fire and Steve is no exception. Steve recounts his favorite, but not his best, fireworks story from his drinking days. He isn’t even allowed to have sparklers these days, but he still gets to watch fireworks shows, in the manliest of ways, of course. We’ll hear more about that next week. Here’s to a manly weekend, everyone, and don’t forget to RIDE THE PONY!