The Steve Dahl Show – June 4, 2012

Today we are flying high after our big weekend. The show at the Park West was great but we don’t want to brag too much. Steve’s not a rapper, after all. Tom Thayer, a late arrival to the Park West, called in today to give us his take on the show and to fill us in on some of the new technology being used by the NFL this year. Bet they don’t have a slideshow of plays like Steve had at the Park West. And they certainly don’t have the sweet old pictures of Tom, like we do.

The guys discuss the MTV Movie Awards and the fact that some rapper had his pants falling off on stage. Steve would never do that… wait, well, he wouldn’t take his pants off unless it was for a bit, like undressing on stage this weekend. Former radio guy, non-rock star and one trick pony Russell Brand is clearly trying to stay relevant… wait, hold on… we just heard the chimes go off on his 15 minutes of fame. Good thing our guy Steve has more talent than Mr. Brand and most of the other idiots on that “awards show”.

Steve will be at Ribfest Chicago this weekend to judge who has the best ribs in the city with our favorite porkpie-wearing dude, Billy Dec. Patrick Bertoletti will also be there eating those ribs in mass quantities. Let’s hope Brendan can come out and help talk-block for Steve, because he really is the best at it, as he demonstrated at Douchebags, we mean Sedgewick’s, at the official after-party on Saturday night.

Enjoy our Monday show and our kickoff to another action-packed week at the DahlCast studios!